Rite [noun]

Definition of Rite:

ceremony, tradition

Synonyms of Rite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rite:


Sentence/Example of Rite:

I believe it is the place where the rite of circumcision is performed.

I will yield nothing, whether in discipline, or in rite, or in dogma.

They are going up to the city for the Mohammedan rite of circumcision.

Therefore the solemn process, rite, and ceremony of purification had to be performed.

All his people had gathered in a loose circle, as though attending a rite.

The mere accurate performance of the rite had a mystic efficacy.

"We will perform the rite together and—" The noise grew louder.

This rite may have the signification of looking for children.

After the birth of the child she may be married simply with the rite for widows.

Hazlitt picked out a secluded corner as if arranging for some rite.