Ritualistic [adjective]

Definition of Ritualistic:


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Sentence/Example of Ritualistic:

It was the neatest, best-stored Ritualistic cupboard in Bumsteadville.

It is but a ritualistic obeisance I have paid the gods inside.

That last, by the way, has probably survived in a ritualistic form.

And compose some Ritualistic epigrams to say to Mr. Smith to-night.

The appeal of a ritualistic service is to the mystical in one's nature.

The gesture was as old as man, its ritualistic meaning lost in antiquity.

She could not go to their church as she did not approve of the clergyman's ritualistic practices.

This relates to a detail of the ritualistic prescriptions for sacrifice.

All the money goes to the Church Standard and the other Ritualistic rags.

The passing of a dish was invested with a ritualistic essence.