Rivals [noun]

Definition of Rivals:

person who opposes in competition

Synonyms of Rivals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rivals:

Sentence/Example of Rivals:

After that there are usually two rivals, and she marries one of them—that's three.

Were they his rivals, he found the perfect word for their merits and shortcomings.

But that terrible monopoly, the Paris-Lyon-Mditerrane, will tolerate no rivals.

We have been foes and rivals; why should not our path be the same?

As rivals, things would be wonderfully fair and even between us.

This cannot truly be said of the greatest of their continental models or rivals.

Occasionally a solitary male was driven out by the sharp teeth of his rivals.

The stickleback is passionate, polygamous and very jealous of rivals.

Soon there were rivals in the field with new types of engines.

The men of the Pahi must not be cut out by rivals from other rivers.