Riverbank [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Riverbank:

Mr. Gubb was not the only man in Riverbank to fall in love with Syrilla.

“You meet him at the Riverbank Hotel at eight-forty-five,” said Mr. Gubb.

See how the sand in the islands and on the riverbank is cracking!

White Bear was surprised to see no one at the riverbank or about the lodges.

She was always, as the saying is in Riverbank, "interested in church."

David was fighting for his life, for his life was his work in Riverbank.

Few in Riverbank had any real affection for Lucille, but affection was not what she sought.

It was, indeed, not only in Riverbank but throughout the country, a quarrelsome time.

How many in Riverbank have died in the gutter in the last year?

Liberality was not a trait of the wealthy of Riverbank at that day.