Riverfront [noun]

Definition of Riverfront:

ground bounding waters

Synonyms of Riverfront:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riverfront:


Sentence/Example of Riverfront:

Timbermen and loggers gather no more for revelry at the riverfront saloon.

When he had filled his pipe, he turned toward the riverfront.

Without glancing toward the junk shop, they walked on to the riverfront.

The flash had temporarily blinded him, but reflexes honed in dozens of riverfront brawls took over.

The riverfront of this plateau is cut by sundry sloughs and ravines, which were at that time overflowed by back-water.

Even as he spoke, a loud crack not unlike the report of a gun, sounded along the riverfront.

As the car sped along toward the riverfront, Penny stole quick glances at Burt.