Riverside [noun]

Definition of Riverside:

ground bounding waters

Synonyms of Riverside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riverside:


Sentence/Example of Riverside:

Aren't there any more apartments to be had on Riverside Drive?

And he would throw himself down on the ground by the riverside.

He had built for her a riverside hut in the compound where she dwelt in perfect seclusion.

In a moment the settlement was again alive with people rushing to the riverside.

Yet Dain was always about the house, but he seldom stayed long by the riverside.

There are copses, down by the riverside, where you could wait in safety until you were wanted.

I think he wooed her at noon-tide, down by the riverside, or by the spring in the dell.

A crowd of women and children were hurrying to the riverside.

It seems to me that almost everybody in Riverside is on the street this afternoon.

Riverside was unknown, only as the beautiful bank of the Hudson.