Riveted [adjective]

Definition of Riveted:

determined, resolute

Synonyms of Riveted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Riveted:

Sentence/Example of Riveted:

He riveted on the gods his enemies the yoke which had been resting on them.

A smith was speedily in attendance, who riveted upon him a set of heavy irons.

He was close to the girl, and his eyes were riveted upon the little packet.

She came to the spot, as though attracted by some power, and she remained, as if riveted there.

Riveted to his chair, he remained in despair until eventide.

Drayton was still on his feet, riveted to the spot where he stood.

But his eyes, riveted upon that distant sail, were gloomily thoughtful.

At that instant Drayton's eyes were riveted on the skylight with an affrighted stare.

Near at hand there was another face that riveted Hugh Ritson's gaze.

It was riveted upon me, and its expression was one I could not understand.