Roadblock [noun]

Definition of Roadblock:


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Sentence/Example of Roadblock:

Then, tonight, you took the chance of finding the roadblock.

Ten yards past the roadblock he turned around and looked at Malone.

Malone got the car going; the roadblock was lifted for him and he went on by.

I'm sure the Cassylians don't want to advertise their bad sportsmanship so there won't be anything as crude as a roadblock.

Removal of this roadblock has high priority in my legislative recommendations.

The governor's car with its police escort rolled through the streets of Calor, en route to the roadblock at the hotel road.

After we got out to Stemmons—they'd set up a roadblock just as you entered Stemmons Expressway.

A quarter of a mile ahead of the fugitives, the first of the four roadblock units came plowing over the rise.