Roadhouse [noun]

Definition of Roadhouse:

accommodation for travellers

Synonyms of Roadhouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roadhouse:


Sentence/Example of Roadhouse:

So Burroughs knew of a drive to a roadhouse and a convivial night.

On the way Ismay told him to stop at a roadhouse, got out and brought Nelly a drink.

I'm speaking from a roadhouse in the Bronx; going straight from here to the bank.

One day he was on his way home from Albany and stopped at a roadhouse at Kingston.

I took her out to dinner, to a roadhouse, a few days ago, and she said she saw him there.

The roadhouse is presided over by a very able body of the clan of Ferguson.

Near the roadhouse was an Indian village where he had expected to get a guide for the journey to Kamatlah.

One of the items was that the stage for Katma had failed to reach the roadhouse at Smith's Crossing.

A moment more and an automobile carrying four men was speeding to the roadhouse, while Fred rode alongside.

It was attractive enough as a roadhouse, but it was wretched as an imitation paradise.