Roadster [noun]

Definition of Roadster:

vehicle driven on streets

Synonyms of Roadster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roadster:


Sentence/Example of Roadster:

Andy could see now that it was a roadster, low-hung, ponderous, to keep the road.

For her share she wanted her father's roadster, and she meant to have it.

Let you in, and then I'll run the roadster around to the garage.

Some one other than Worth had been in there when Worth put up the roadster.

I locked the study door, went back to my roadster, and headed her uptown.

When they reëntered the roadster, Ben spoke to him before he started the car.

It started because of that defective spark-plug in the engine of the roadster.

The touring car or my roadster are always at your service to take you there.

Bring Landy with you, as we can all three ride to Adot in my roadster.

"Looks like we were stranded," says I, as we fetches up at the roadster once more.