Roadways [noun]

Definition of Roadways:


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Sentence/Example of Roadways:

Before anything more could be said there was a shout from the roadway near them.

The variable (an audible) part of the roadway for an automobile.

She stopped in the roadway, as if to put an end to the conference.

He climbed up the bank, and jumped over the low hedge into the roadway.

The carriages in the roadway were rolling through a stream of mud.

And going out on to the pavement she called Pere Bru who was just then crossing the roadway.

Dim and shadowy in the open air of the roadway were groups of figures.

The piles of vegetables on the pavement now extended to the verge of the roadway.

See here'—p'intin' to his house loomin' big and black in the roadway—'see!

He has no intention of fighting an uphill battle; he keeps the roadway of politics.