Roamer [noun]

Definition of Roamer:

person who wanders from place to place

Synonyms of Roamer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roamer:


Sentence/Example of Roamer:

At the same moment something pushed the Roamer forward and down, down, down.

You seldom find a fisherman but who has been more or less of a roamer and adventurer.

The adventurous, dare-devil spirit of the roamer, the incarnate gipsy, always looked out of his insolent eyes.

I have been quite a roamer in strange places, and at first had a fancy for a life of adventure.

He was a natural hunter, roamer, woodsman; as unworldly as a child, and as simple and transparent.

He thought he could see smoke over central Manhattan and swung the Roamer in that direction.

It was a horse, he knew, but whether it was a roamer of the range or a beast bearing a rider, he could not tell.

Munn made a slight gesture to Roamer, who rose and went to the door, and opened it.

Let skunk or fox, or other roamer through the grass, creep ever so stealthily, he will be seen and avoided by flight.