Roared [verb]

Definition of Roared:

growl, howl

Synonyms of Roared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roared:


Sentence/Example of Roared:

"Why, it is the hedgerows," roared John, with a shout of laughter.

Mowbray pressed forward to her ear, and repeated all Christie roared.

I roared, whipping out my sword, 'for I am one of his officers.'

He had confidence in the obedience of the sea, this sea that roared around them like a tyrant.

They all roared and wriggled again, so amusing did it seem to them.

"Like a comedy professor with a butterfly-net," roared Lyaeus.

The propeller of the mysterious plane ahead had roared over.

He roared out to the whole company: What folly, Socrates, has taken possession of you all?

Captain Sam Hunniwell put back his head and roared with laughter.

Leaning against the doorpost, he at first chuckled and then roared.