Roast [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Roast:

The lotus is a leguminous plant—so excellent for the salad—not for the roast.

A roast of beef meant a visit, in Dr. Ed's modest-paying clientele.

In summer, meat will roast in a shorter time than in winter.

A breast of veal will require about three hours and a half to roast.

Put it on a spit, and roast it till it is tender throughout.

Apple sauce is eaten with roast pork, roast goose and roast ducks.

Always have some currant jelly on the table to eat with roast mutton.

Roast or bake it; pouring a glass of port wine into the gravy.

A leg of pork will require from three to four hours to roast.

Roast them before a clear fire, at least a quarter of an hour.