Robbed [verb]

Definition of Robbed:

steal, deprive

Synonyms of Robbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Robbed:

Sentence/Example of Robbed:

Well, if all they say is true, the villain has robbed one of his own best friends.

How, Mr. Tilden, how far is it to the cross-roads where the mail-carrier says he was robbed?

There had been a conspiracy against him; he was outwitted, robbed, befooled.

I did not think I was robbed; because the money, when we came to calculate, was all right.

My husband once employed this Von Holzen, and was, I believe, robbed by him.

He tells me that near Freistadtlein he was robbed and had twenty florins taken from him.

But I submit—I have deserved it all—I have robbed her of a heart above all price.

For her he had robbed the bees' nest that very day, and I had but partaken of the spoil.

"I have been drugged and robbed," he replied, lowering his voice.

I will go to London and say merely, 'The Russian police have robbed me.'