Robbers [noun]

Definition of Robbers:

person who steals

Opposite/Antonyms of Robbers:



Sentence/Example of Robbers:

And let me tell you that of all the Robber Barons of music, Wagner was the worst.

The latter is not bare like Robber's, but the hair on it is very short and thin.

He has none of the mean disposition of Robber the Brown Rat.

Hasn't Gauntmoor all the ancient inconveniences a Robber Baron could wish?

Robber castles flourished, all else decayed, no highway safe.

I might paraphrase the slogan of the Robber Barons of the middle ages.

In this particular, the taste of my Robber Moor will not be difficult to hit.

Robber and villain to begin with; that was one settled point.

Rienzi invoked them to move against the Robber—the People refused to obey.

Such a man shall you pity and hate, abhor yet love, in the Robber Moor.