Robbing [verb]

Definition of Robbing:

steal, deprive

Synonyms of Robbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Robbing:

Sentence/Example of Robbing:

You'll be robbing your friend of nothing, if you speak to her.

Let us, if need be, tell the truth to Evelyn, robbing the truth only of its shame.

They were not robbing the consignees in this raid upon the freight train.

They used to hear about him robbing and burglaring now and then, but that was years ago.

They were robbing him, the zouaves and chasseurs were plundering his house.

Let our first enactment be directed against the robbing of temples.

They are robbing the man of the life-giving properties of the air.

But, as he turned, the drainage system that was robbing the field shut off.

To take money from him was like robbing a child, and you despised him because he was so foolish.

They might think to annoy him by stealing the traps he had placed, or at least robbing them of any game.