Robes [noun]

Definition of Robes:

gown, often for wearing at home

Synonyms of Robes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Robes:


Sentence/Example of Robes:

The robe of fine Milesian texture, was saffron-coloured, with a purple edge.

That which was the body has come to be only the rich fringe of the nation's robe.

He was almost completely enveloped in a robe of softened skins.

He was throwing back the robe to leap from the sleigh when the figure reached him.

One might edge a wall-paper or fringe a robe with a recurring decimal.

Oh, he's too clever, too skilful by far to have taken the robe.

Her night robe lay on the marble grey, And the cold sea-maiden was gone.

She always wore a chain of raindrops for pearls, and a cloud for a robe.

He gathered up his robe and descended to the upper story of the inn.

I don't know what to do, and I'll not spoil my robe to separate you.