Robs [verb]

Definition of Robs:

steal, deprive

Synonyms of Robs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Robs:

Sentence/Example of Robs:

Would I rob Heaven and give the praise and honour to the creature?

But do you think I will rob my sister of her humble servant?

I—I can't have you rob this house, this particular house of all the world.

He went to Garson yesterday with a scheme to rob your house.

On enquiry, we learned these fellows had threatened to rob her shop.

Morella has cast me off, and I hate him, and wish to escape from him and rob him of his prize.

Constant efforts are made to get a man taken up, in order to rob him.

Mulready, in your father's pay, tries to have him arrested, the better to rob him.

Better still, if I could throw temptation in his way, and lure him on to rob me.

I cannot rob you of your maid and also be selfish enough to monopolize these rooms.