Rocketing [verb]

Definition of Rocketing:

shoot up

Synonyms of Rocketing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rocketing:

Sentence/Example of Rocketing:

Well I knew something was coming; coming swift as a rocketing woodcock.

Wade tore loose a giant boulder and sent it rocketing into the heavens.

I wonder what the beggars imagine a rocketing pheasant is like?

The favorite American method of propulsion was known as "rocketing."

They were rocketing on toward the sargasso, rapidly, dangerously.

When it is good, the sport must be superb: it is the very sublimation of "rocketing."

You're just in the mood for what Jan calls 'rocketing' and Garry's letter, of course, was the spark.

She looked at the belching smoke and the rocketing flames and listened to the roar of it all, fascinated.

The observations were extremely difficult because the ship was rocketing around the star in such a rapid orbit.

He realized also that the ship had braked slightly against the rocketing drop at just the last moment.