Rocklike [adjective]

Definition of Rocklike:

unyielding, inflexible

Synonyms of Rocklike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rocklike:

Sentence/Example of Rocklike:

Was it not fear that had made his nerves so rocklike as he faced that crowd and made his get-away?

"Take me with you, then," said Ruth, going on with her rocklike seam.

She was very pale, but her thoroughbred nerves were rocklike in their steadiness.

They have indomitable power of will, characters of rocklike steadfastness, enveloped in a disposition of ineffable sweetness.

In an undefined way Smith had been proud of his broad, enormous strength, and rocklike hardihood.

The waves of her fury rolled up and up and broke, crashing, over Honor's rocklike calm.

Vigor and rocklike endurance marked the clashes, and both regulars and scrubs had to punt and punt again.

Then, with startling suddenness, Merriwell from a rocklike, passive defense became the aggressor.

Every farmer has to have a pick and crow on hand in case he wants to dig fence-post holes, er move a rocklike the one I just hit.

On either side of me, huge, scarped walls of rocklike substance rose sheer.