Rode [verb]

Definition of Rode:

carry or be carried

Synonyms of Rode:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rode:

Sentence/Example of Rode:

A few years only back, every Carolinian rode to town, and the motor was unknown.

For half an hour he rode in this fashion with his heart beating at his teeth.

If they rode down in a mob the boy would no doubt surrender.

But the narrow path along which Andrew rode was a gantlet to him.

They turned in towards the river, and we rode down to meet them.

And yet he had small occasion to keep up on the bit as he rode her.

They had rode about 100 miles, in the pursuit and return, and all in 30 hours.

Taking his horse, he and Andrew rode at a walk up the ravine.

Is it possible that I once rode frisky colts bareback and had no nerves!

The Potawatami made for the Suh-tai, and rode even with him.