Rodents [noun]

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Aëtius differentiates phagedenic and rodent ulcers and cancer.

The problem was to get shut of the Rodent without resorting to any Rough Stuff.

That was entirely the work of the rodent animals, the pacas, cavies, and agoutis.

The three are all “rodent” animals, and the capivara is the largest “rodent” that is known.

Not that Ugolini, with his rodent's face, was any more attractive than his mistress.

And as it is with the rodent's tooth, so it is with the chisel.

Yet we only have to look at its front teeth to see that it really is a rodent after all.

At that instant a thrill of fear shot through his rodent heart.

The noise could be likened to that of a rodent's teeth tackling a hard substance.

Mr. Sinclair is suffering from cancer, a rodent ulcer on the face.