Roguish [adjective]

Definition of Roguish:

deceitful; mischievous

Synonyms of Roguish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roguish:


Sentence/Example of Roguish:

With that, there leaped in her such an impulse of roguish gallantry as she could never resist.

What a roguish pair of eyes, after all, the little cap-maker has!

No, Ah Kee, with his roguish tastes, is not to be trusted in the parlor by himself.

Phebe was blushing crimson, but the roguish look was still in her eyes.

It was as if some roguish poltergeist had suddenly developed in the room.

Bagg, however, saw at once that he had a roguish air, and he was on his guard in a moment.

"For thinking she can act when she can't," said the roguish Biddy.

It gave him a roguish—almost boyish—effect most appealing to the beholder.

She curtseyed low, laughing up at me with roguish eyes and mouth.

I had almost sealed the bargain; she was so roguish and so pretty.