Roguishness [noun]

Definition of Roguishness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Roguishness:

Sentence/Example of Roguishness:

Again the boy flushed, but there was roguishness in his brown eyes.

She is divinely innocent, but roguishness saves her from insipidity.

His expression lost its roguishness, and in his turn he became grave.

And she embraced him a third time with all the grace and roguishness of a spoiled child.

Beneath Ben's bonhomie and roguishness there was much shyness.

She does her best, but Prince, bubbling over with roguishness, lags behind.

His voice was clear and not unmusical, with just the suspicion of roguishness behind.

His curving lines bring forth a roguishness that is unparalleled in Swedish art, and can compare with the best foreign examples.

They represent pretty Parisian women in hats, whose wild locks veil glances full of spirit and roguishness.

Nevertheless, she managed to put a great deal of winsomeness and roguishness into the rôle of the cherub.