Roiled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Roiled:

When we got up to the place where they had been there were the little swirls in the roiled water.

The Chinaman roiled the piece of bamboo in his hands and that, too, disappeared.

The contents of its tube were roiled to the height of the mark which was lettered "Tornado."

With a rapid movement, she roiled up the paper and held it out to him.

"Yes, she does," said Craig with a complacence that roiled Arkwright.

It roiled through the third courtyard, and the second and the first.

A turbulent flood poured through a cut ten feet wide and roared down the other side of the embankment, roiled and yellow.

This roiled the temper of the Vermonter somewhat, and if I did not say anything, I had a mighty think on.

This mixture, by the handful, was then rubbed on rocks out in the stream, which roiled the water and also made it somewhat foamy.

Something had roiled the blood in her delicate veins until it had muddied the clear freshness of her smooth satiny skin.