Roiling [verb]

Definition of Roiling:


Synonyms of Roiling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roiling:

Sentence/Example of Roiling:

He was looking up at her, as if struck dumb, roiling his eye wildly.

What cared they that the ship was roiling and tumbling about?

He plunged about frantically and churned up the water, roiling the stream.

Whitecaps and a roiling sea told him there was plenty of wind in the squall.

Roiling waters met the prows from end to end of the straits.

The napalm caught, tongues of flame and roiling, greasy smoke climbed up to the sky.

"I have allowed it," blurted out the general, packed in cushions in his roiling chair.

The smell was terrible, a roiling chemical reek that burned the skin and the lungs and the eyes.

Remorse was roiling in her breast; the corrosive poison of regret for too much said, depressed her generous heart.

He complains that the zealous man had been attacked with roiling, but not with arguments.