Roles [noun]

Definition of Roles:

impersonation of a character

Synonyms of Roles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roles:

Sentence/Example of Roles:

That, I am aware, is not strictly in order, but there are not enough of us to fill all the roles.

It was neither warrior, nor lover, nor god; in none of these roles do the English excel.

Of all the roles enacted by Alfred, that of the circus clown was most enjoyed.

He either enacted their roles or explained the part they were expected to perform.

Their roles seemed to be changed; she who was about to die, consoled her whose life was spared.

He looked ready to explode now that the roles had been reversed.

This reversal of their roles was a conceit so ludicrous that Theydon smiled too.

A whole bunch of roles tied into one won't make an individual.

So, when the two girls embraced each other, their roles were reversed.

Members of a family gain their identities from their roles in the family system.