Rolled [adjective]

Definition of Rolled:

made into a roll

Synonyms of Rolled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rolled:

Sentence/Example of Rolled:

He tossed them onto the table, and Hal Dozier rolled his smoke in silence.

Weeks came and went, months rolled away, and she appeared not in them.

We rolled on, and entered the village of Manchester, bordering on the falls.

So they said good-bye to Katy and rolled past Eileen's room on the way to the desert.

It lay still for a moment—then rolled over—then lay still again.

All hands were called, and the rags were rolled up, and the gaskets passed.

The storm had rolled away now, and he could see the stars; also with it went the wind.

I ought to be a Dido and Niobe and Cassandra rolled into one.

You will also want tin cutters for cakes that are rolled out in dough.

There were a great, many round ones, and they rolled very fast.