Roller [noun]

Definition of Roller:

sea surf, current

Synonyms of Roller:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roller:


Sentence/Example of Roller:

Such is said to have been the origin of roller printing on calico.

She swung sideways on a roller, and gesticulated with her jib-boom from port to starboard.

He was named in meeting; the name tossed from roller to roller.

A roller broke over the boat, and left a foot of water in the bottom.

The cloth is dyed by means of passing over a roller into a dye vat.

From there he leaped to the top of the roller towel, but horrors!

Vi and Sadie had not even time to kick off their roller skates.

Maurice and Neal lifted her stern on to a roller and dragged her towards the sea.

They seized her by the gunwale, raised her and laid her keel on a roller.

The roller passed on, leaving him still firmly clutching the wreck.