Rollicking [adjective]

Definition of Rollicking:

fun-loving, lively

Synonyms of Rollicking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rollicking:

Sentence/Example of Rollicking:

With that spirit, she will never get the rollicking air for her first act.

They were gone in an instant and in pursuit of them rushed a rollicking lurch of sound.

She must have had a bee in her bonnet with all these rollicking children round her.

Dark laughed, a rollicking, relieved laugh, and swept her into his arms.

Along with this rollicking fun he had a vein of deepest melancholy.

Most of them, even the daughters, were brutal and rollicking too.

But what does your smuggler do, miss—your rollicking, dare-devil chap of a smuggler?

It had sort of a rollicking flavor to it, if you know what I mean.

Then her eyes were so full of fun, and her voice had a sort of rollicking sound.

It is a comfortable, jovial, rollicking expression, if I may say so.