Romancing [noun]

Definition of Romancing:

liking, dream

Opposite/Antonyms of Romancing:

Sentence/Example of Romancing:

I want you where I can look at you, so you won't do any romancing about that old enchantress.

Not but I know well she'll say, 'There you are, castle-building and romancing.

"I am not romancing in the least," said Calvert, taking his place next Milly at the table.

"Not at all, my dear; you are romancing," says ignorant John.

Notwithstanding the romancing of her sister, Phillida built no castles.

Well, if it comes to that, Leland for his part was not above "romancing" and "embroidering."

It is not the old man, but the young one, who is romancing here.

I fear any who read this must have thought me fairly good at “romancing.”

Tom was romancing with a vengeance, for if anyone liked work it was he.

Maybe you think I'm romancing, but I'm just telling you the plain truth.