Romantics [noun]

Definition of Romantics:

person who dreams, is idealistic

Synonyms of Romantics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Romantics:

Sentence/Example of Romantics:

At ten years of age I had read much of Victor Hugo and other romantics.

I should like either to charge with the romantics, or defend with the realists.

The Romantics used to say that the eyes were the windows of the Soul.

His four heroes are Romantics in general, but in no sense champions of any cause.

Nevertheless, the Romantics were not crushed out of existence.

Only a few Romantics were proof against this insidious influence.

She is, like all the Romantics, a cold, insufferable artist.

His interpretations of the classics, of the romantics, are of a superior order.

Already to the romantics of old the mystic road to happiness was not unknown.

I believe that, in the way of romantics, Corinne is going to be more like me than like Jone.