Rookies [noun]

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And he wasn't forgetting Keesey, the rookie who'd replaced him.

"Rookie" is the term by which a new recruit is designated in Army slang.

Is it allowable, Sergeant, for a rookie to ask what this is all about?

Yet I am convinced that what will best control the Plattsburg rookie is the Plattsburg non-com.

Then he was just a busher, a rookie, a nobody who had his reputation yet to win.

A Reservist is a dug-out, a recruit a rookie, and a veteran an old sweat.

No, admitted the rookie reluctantly, yo nevah tol me nuthin.

You already are onethat is you are a 44 rookie, which is practically the same thing.

"Yes, Rookie darling," she said, in a tone of drowsy happiness.

The only drawback to this, Rookie, is that it takes it out of Charlotte.