Roommates [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Roommates:

He popped to a brace, but it was only his roommate Ferguson.

Her roommate did everything she could to make Mary as miserable as possible.

By the glare of the flame, Dan saw that it was his roommate, Chevrial.

In the darkness her roommate could not see them and be led to ask questions.

I did not expect you would accept me for a roommate, after what had happened, but you did.

“That I have you for a roommate,” smiled the mysterious freshman.

It was unfortunate for Irene and Lorna that Mabel had been apportioned to them as a roommate.

“Some day it will come all right, Nance,” the former assured her roommate.

Sometimes she cried; but not often where her roommate could see her.

Cora did not really know whether her roommate would do as she said, or not.