Rooms [noun]

Definition of Rooms:

space, range

Synonyms of Rooms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rooms:

Sentence/Example of Rooms:

Uncle Peter stood in a flood of light at the door of his room.

He began to pace the floor again from one room to the other.

"It is eighteen years since I was last in this room," he said.

There was no bell in the room, so that was the only way I had of doing it.

Mauburn had gone to his room to be alone with this bitter news.

Jumping over the window sill, the visitor found himself in this room.

"You can sleep there," he said, pointing to a cot bed in the corner of the room.

The music flooded the hall and the room, so that the talk died low.

The room we entered was heated by what I took to be a successful furnace.

At night when the room grows dark we push a button and there is light.