Roosting [verb]

Definition of Roosting:

take up residence in

Synonyms of Roosting:

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Sentence/Example of Roosting:

The pigeons were roosting and nestling all over her, on her hands, her waist, and her shoulders.

Mrs. Granby was roosting all by herself on a sofy in the parlor.

Julius, who was mate, was roosting on the lee rail amid-ships, helping him swear.

But a thing with feathers, roosting in a tree, must be some kind of a fowl—yes?

Overhead the rooks streamed homewards to their roosting trees.

"My wife's gravestone is the parrots' roosting place," said Fernando.

There were indications that pigeons had been roosting there?

They inhabit open woods as a rule, often roosting at night in swamps.

He crossed a wall on which three or four boys were roosting.

I was roosting on that flange up there near the top of the stove.