Roots [noun]

Definition of Roots:


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Sentence/Example of Roots:

Cool enough to handle and then remove the skin and the roots.

Instead, only a tense horror that touched to the roots of emotion.

These roots were Stigmaria, and the stuff into which they penetrated was an underclay.

But then, if people grew savage, they might pull my beard out by the roots.

The lines of box and sweet syringa are known only by their roots.

It was in her veins, in her bones, in the roots of her hair.

Marthe had felt a cold breath, chilling the roots of her hair.

Around its roots is velvet turf, and there are wild violet beds.

I set my young jaw doggedly and kept on writing about my roots.

The peasantry used to eat its tops as greens, and cook the roots in stews.