Ropy [adjective]

Definition of Ropy:

powerfully built

Synonyms of Ropy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ropy:

Sentence/Example of Ropy:

Two sets of conditions are responsible for these ropy or slimy milks.

As he rose, ropy tentacles twined about him, and he saw what had saved him.

The beard is ropy and unnatural; it is, however, an imposing sort of figure.

Why, I'd rather have a good navy revolver to fight with than this ropy thing!

This water had probably been there for years, and was as ropy as molasses.

There is an abnormal secretion of viscid, ropy, turbid mucus.

"This last barrel of water from your spring is turning 'ropy,'" it said.

When unpacking the meat watch the brine to see that it is not ropy or moldy.

The expressed juice was not limpid, but thick, mucilaginous and ropy.

Urged along by the more fluid lava underneath, this viscid coating takes a ropy or corrugated form.