Rosiness [noun]

Definition of Rosiness:

pink coloring

Synonyms of Rosiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rosiness:

Sentence/Example of Rosiness:

The creamy texture of her skin had flushed to rosiness in the cold fountain.

And this rosiness, so like redundant vigor, was it not the flush of her hot task?

The rosiness was all departed from his cheeks; he quivered with suppressed wrath.

Mr. Mitchett showed a rosiness that might positively have been reflected.

Her face looked anxious and distressed through all its rosiness.

She sat there, a little weak with excitement, while a rosiness came to her cheeks and a light in her eyes.

She awakened suddenly and looked up at him, the rosiness of sleep upon her cheeks and the dewiness of it upon her eyelids.

At eight o'clock many of these faces will be changed; there will be joy, smiles, rosiness, singing and dancing.

The future had lost its rosiness; his wound did not readily heal; Basel was half a hundred leagues off our road to Burgundy.

She really envied the bright young creature in the grace and rosiness of perfect health.