Roster [noun]

Definition of Roster:

list of items, names

Synonyms of Roster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roster:


Sentence/Example of Roster:

His name was blazoned for eternity on the roster of the Russian Great.

The news might swell the roster to disconcerting proportions.

The roster of students enrolls 104 gentlemen, and 57 ladies.

Its grave-yard is a roster of the Philadelphia aristocracy of other days.

The roster of the original garrison is listed on the tablet.

Our roster of English prisoners taken in the action off Brest.

Average Jones found Telfik Bey's name, as he had expected, in its roster.

Her name was off the roster of the house, and till the end of the month her time was her own.

Have you a list or roster of the Indians who belong on the reservation?

He said that his name was Roster (Hrosstheow), and that he was skilled in smithcraft.