Rote [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rote:

Conon stepte to the kynge and presented his rote with a gladde chere.

Slavery taught the Negro to work by rule and rote but not by principle and method.

Our tastes we acquire, with difficulty; our sentiments we learn by rote.

You can teach them to do things by rote, but when an emergency comes they are like putty.

The test has been criticized as too dependent on rote memory.

It was mass production—you did things by rote, en-masse—no individuality.

The politics I have urged in these chapters cannot be learned by rote.

Only they had learned the trick of speech and got by rote the language of religion.

To know by rote is no knowledge; it is only a retention of what is intrusted to the memory.

Dear editor you muss excuse our bad letter for we rote it in a hurry.