Rotted [verb]

Definition of Rotted:

corrode, deteriorate

Synonyms of Rotted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rotted:

Sentence/Example of Rotted:

The plants in Figure 82 grew in the woods where a log had rotted down.

A battery which has a leaky jar will also have a case which is rotted at the bottom and sides.

Positives which are rotted and disintegrated are, of course, hopeless, and must be junked.

The stump had rotted so that one could kick it to pieces with the heel of a boot.

How could hands alone repair a bridge which had rotted away?

“You have rotted it a bit,” remarked he, when the story was complete.

But the paper must have gone to pieces and the yarn rotted decades ago.

It was Henrik Ibsen who said that then it rotted into error.

It was while he was examining these rotted beams that insensibility overcame him.

At last I yielded, for the drink had rotted out all my moral sense.