Rotund [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rotund:

He was a short man, with a rotund stomach and a wheezy voice.

The rotund lady, for herself and the prince, replies in the negative.

Then he touched his most rotund portion with a significant look.

The body—short, plump, and rotund—could be no other than that of the unfortunate Irishman.

Rusty was humble as ever, but there was an expectant look in his rotund face.

While his body was slim in the Asiatic way, his face was rotund.

The rotund form of our M. D. is wrapped in the oil-cloth table-cover.

This term can only be applied to rotund shells of a light, thin texture.

The species which are not so rotund as the others, as D. Perdix, Auct.

His name, denoting a lean habit of body, was a misnomer, for he was rotund.