Roue [noun]

Definition of Roue:

person who is immoral

Synonyms of Roue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roue:


Sentence/Example of Roue:

I was not prepared to find you grown from a roue into a senator.

Mark me, doctor, Dorothy will not put up an instant with a roue and a brute.

When with the gambler, or the roue, he was equally at home—a debauchee, or a handler of cards.

The face that might have been handsome was the reflection of a roue, dashing, devilish.

Later the deserted admirer became again a roue inflamed with wine and submitted to a close-up that would depict his baffled rage.

He bade fair to be utterly used up and a roue, in a few years, if he were to continue at the pace at which he was going.

"Not back to the home I left for the sake of a gambler and roue," she said, bitterly.

He had been a roue in his youth, but seemed now the perfect representative of a benignant and virtuous old age.

How could it be other than a terrible thought for her that her daughter listened willingly to this roue?

Vice does not form with them, as with the English roue, an occasional excess, but is consistent and regular in its habits.