Roundness [noun]

Definition of Roundness:


Synonyms of Roundness:

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Sentence/Example of Roundness:

It hung on to its roundness, and let the people think what they pleased.

It had lost the first roundness of youth, but had gained in expression.

And she puffed out both jaws to the roundness of the full moon.

That wholeness and roundness, in which she had rejoiced, had gone from her altogether.

The set of her black, velvet coat revealed the roundness of her bust.

With all her roundness, she was slight and a little undersized.

Then softly, timidly, his hand settled on the roundness of her arm, on the unknown.

Her cheeks had not yet regained their roundness or their bright colour.

They had mixed so thoroughly and subtly that they merged in her smoothness and her roundness.

He had eaten to roundness and had nothing in his outlines to suggest the lean wolf.