Rousting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rousting:

I'll roust out some passengers and toss 'em to you—you toss 'em along in there.

If the jedge is a gwyne to hold cote, I got to roust 'em out, I reckon.

Yit ef he start atter me dis blessid night, I lay I roust de whole plantation.

Ah, Lieutenant Stairs, please take a party and roust every man out.

I guess,” sez he, “that the dinner bell would be apt to roust you out the second or third day.

No, if Leonard stand, I roust first see to get him in; and next, to keep Egerton out.

On the same day came word that a fishing yawl had been lost in the Roust, and all on board drowned.

To make his acceptance of the situation easier, his only course was to roust his friend's anger.