Routed [verb]

Definition of Routed:

defeat overwhelmingly

Synonyms of Routed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Routed:

Sentence/Example of Routed:

He closed them slowly for a moment, as if to collect his routed thoughts.

At all other points it had been not only defeated, but routed.

For the time, fear had been routed by growth, while growth had assumed the guise of curiosity.

In the morning it was Henry who awoke first and routed his companion out of bed.

But the Belgian army within security of Antwerp had not been routed.

She just stared in a horror that routed all his audacity and checked the masterfulness of his advance.

But the rest were victorious, and pursued the routed enemy down to the level ground.

Supine, routed we rest; and above all, above the universe, is the silence of the Shadow.

He replied quickly: 'The danger is all over; the enemy is routed.

When she did realize what that thought meant, it had been too long with her to be routed.