Routes [noun]

Definition of Routes:

path over which someone or something travels

Synonyms of Routes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Routes:


Sentence/Example of Routes:

They had taken three routes, and consequently our army had to be divided too.

They separated here to set forth by two different 15 routes.

But beyond the Potomac public conveyances were few and uncertain in their routes.

The web is composed of all the routes which start from the coast and converge on Timbuktu.

He served on the rescue teams that patrol the busy Polar routes.

In Table of Contents the Routes are classified and explained.

The routes over which this enormous commerce was carried were few in number.

The atoll is known, but uncharted, because it is far outside the routes.

Therefore the fugitives could hope to reach the coast only by one of the routes named.

There were three routes, and some time elapsed before they decided upon one.