Routines [noun]

Definition of Routines:

habitual activity

Synonyms of Routines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Routines:

Sentence/Example of Routines:

Since then house and porch and garden and routines had become like those of other places.

Don't be satisfied to come into class and try to perfect your routines there.

For an undeterminable length of time, he followed the routines of the bells.

A routine was followed, and all routines become dull and wearisome.

Things here are rigidly scheduled, and you will learn the routines as the conditioning bells acquaint you with them.

He is powerful in routine; but when two routines interlace or overlap, he frequently takes the wrong one.

Their danger to all the routines of ordinary life was not realized until it was too late.

Aaron's farming methods, so much different to Murnan routines, puzzled and intrigued the boy.

Her children were healthy children and fell in with the routines of governess and tutor that their wealth provided.

Routines are supplied for simplifying organization of records for storage in the 1401 Random Access File.